Career Guidance

Choosing the subjects after Grade X/Grand XII is a crucial thing in a student’s life. If a mistake happens in choosing the suitable subjects, the student would feel stressed, anxious or depressed throughout the future. Parents would also feel anxious. Teachers would find it difficult to teach the respective subject to a non-suitable student.

Generally career guidance happens through media hype, peer influence, market trend and child’s fancy because of which students may be dissatisfied with the course/career path they choose.

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Scientifically career guidance has to happen by considering the internal factors – Personality, Motivation and Aptitude and external factors Family values, Scores in the eligibility subjects and Career Information. The five hours career guidance session will help them understand these factors and find the suitable career based on the student’s Personality, Motivation and Aptitude.

In the career guidance counseling, 3 psychometric tools will be administered. Multiple Intelligence is to find out the aptitude of the student. Tools on Career Interest and Career Personality will also be administered. Scoring for all the checklists will be done. Clients would come up with the suitable careers based on the scoring.

At the end of counselling, both parents and students would feel empowered to take the suitable career path. Parents would become aware of their children’s personality, motivation and aptitude.

Career Guidance : The charge is Rs. 2000 per session (Includes Administration of Psychometric Tools, Preparation of Report and Feedback)