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Online Video Based Certification in School, Corporate & Family Counselling

Online Certification In School, Corporate & Family Counselling
Objective :
This 13 Hours Video Based Online Course with 8 hours of group contact classes and 1 hour of One-on-contact class is designed for people who want to become Counsellors in Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Corporates, NGOs and those who want to start one’s own Counselling Centre. The facilitator would share his style of counseling and help you to create your own unique style of counselling.

There is no time restriction as the videos are available 24/7.

All you need is a smart phone. Videos are optimized to run in mobile data also. You don't need to be sophisticated in technology to take this course. Simply watch videos, read the material given and take notes. You can clarify all your doubts during 8 hrs contact classes via Google Meet and 1 hr one-on-one session via Whatsapp Video Call. So absolutely no personal visit required in this course.
Facilitator :
Karthik Lakshmanan M.Sc. (Coun. Psy.), M.Phil. (Psy. Onc.), SET (Psy.) Senior Counsellor, IIT – Madras/Former Assistant Professor of Counselling Psychology, Madras School of Social Work
Total Seats :
25 per Batch (Admission will happen till: June 10th 2020)
Timing :
Duration :
Videos Accessible for 3 Months (90 Days)
Venue :
Any Place with High Speed Internet Connection (Videos are optimized to run in even mobile data)
Eligibility :
Any Degree. Students pursuing UG Degree are also eligible.
Fee :
Rs. 6800/-
Dates for Group Contact Classes via Google Meet for Batch 2
Timing: 10:30 AM to 12.30 PM
Date Topics
11th July 1 to 8
18th July 9 to 16
25th July 17 to 25
1st Aug 26 to 35

For more details, please visit and then Whatsapp text @ +91 9840924035. If you want to take up a live online course via Google Meet, please visit

At the end of the course, students would be evaluated with Viva voce examination.

CCS Academy – Chennai Counselling Services is an independent body which is registered under Small Scales Industries Act, Govt. of India. As per the laws of India, any registered organization can provide Diploma and Certificate Courses in Skill Development and no affiliation with universities is required. We, at CCS believe that imparting skills is more important than getting affiliation from a university. We are sure your skills in Counselling would improve by enrolling in the courses.

Curriculum :

  1. Psychological Counselling – An introduction
  2. Qualities of an effective counselor
  3. Difference between Counseling and Psychotherapy
  4. Abnormal Psychology for Counsellors
  5. Ethics of Counseling Practice
  6. How to choose a therapy/approach for a client using Easy Integration Model?
  7. Rogers’ Person Centered Therapy
  8. Application of Abraham Maslow’s Needs theory in Counselling
  9. Gestalt Therapy
  10. Cognitive Therapy
  11. Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  12. Transactional Analysis
  13. Reality Therapy
  14. Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  15. Life Skills Approach
  16. Behaviour Therapy
  17. Using Counselling in Different Contexts
  1. School and College Counseling
  2. Corporate Counseling
  3. Career/ Educational Guidance &  Counseling
  4. De-addiction Counselling: Mobile/Internet/Gaming, Tobacco and Alcohol
  5. Hospital/Health Care Counseling
  6. Grief Counselling
  7. Suicide Prevention
  8. Marital/Relationship/Couple’s/Family Counseling
  9. Psychological Training Methodologies
  10. Preparedness for Marriage
  11. Parenting
  12. Study Skills Training and Conquering Exam Anxiety
  13. Work Life Balance
  14. Stress Management
  15. Assertiveness
  16. Documentation and Records of Counselling Sessions
  17. Research Methods for Evidence Based Practice
  18. Liaison with other health professionals

One-on-One Contact Classes and Viva Voce via Whatsapp Video Call/Skype/Google Duo

  • One-on-One Contact Class via Whatsapp Video Call/Skype/ Google Duo for 1 hour after watching all the videos to clarify doubts. The timing can fixed by texting to the facilitator via whatsapp.
  • At the end of the course, students will be evaluated through one-on-one Viva voce examination via Whatsapp Video Call/Skype/ Google Duo.
  • Soft Copy of the course completion certificate can be downloaded immediately after the Viva.

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