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School/College Training Programmes

Psychological Training Programs - Student

We provide Psychological Training to Educational Institutions. The following are few of the training modules we have. To get more details on Training programmes, contact us! We are happy to assist you.

Goal Setting & Career Guidance :

Relevance of the Training :
This training programme would give an exposure to career guidance and goal setting. Goal Setting Theory is utilized in addition to many other concepts to help the participants to set goals. In career guidance, the personality, interest and aptitude are matched to select the career path. The information on courses available in the city is also given.

Positive Parenting :

Relevance of the Training :
The immediate models for children are parents. Whatever the parents do, have an impact on children directly or indirectly. Parental Injections are very strong in the personalities of children. Thus this training programme emphasizes the need for Parents to look at the overall development of children. Transactional Analysis and Parenting styles are some of the concepts used.

Self Esteem/Motivational Training :

Relevance of the Training :
Self-esteem change can be both positive and negative; therefore, it is extremely important to emphasize positive developmental change and strive to prevent negative developmental change. A varied approach is required to effectively influence positive self-esteem development. With this concern, the Training on Self-esteem helps the participants to build self esteem using different activities and exercises.

Leadership :

Relevance of the Training :
The one who has the leadership skills would accomplish better in his/her life and can lead others to succeed. Thus this training on Leadership emphasizes on leadership qualities and skills. Moreover Indian Politics and Organizations badly need leaders to lead the people in the right path. The leadership training is full of case analysis. Popular leadership styles and skills and qualities of Leaders are also discussed.

Sex Education :

Relevance of the Training :
There is a wide gap to be fulfilled in the field. The training on Sex education leads to an effective way of enhancing young people’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviour. FAQs on HIV/AIDS, Safe sex practices Masturbation are discussed. Sexual developmental theories are also taken in the training. The content will be customized based on the requirements given since it is a sensitive topic.

Time Management :

Relevance of the Training :
Many a times, people say “I don’t have time” as an excuse. The excuse is lame and is never accepted to be sound when everybody has the same 24 hours a day. So the one who manages time would accomplish better in life. Thus in occupational life and as well as student life, time management is significant. The training on Time Management include activities and strategies to manage one’s time effectively.

Memory Techniques :

Relevance of the Training :
Neither repetition nor conscious effort to memorize necessarily helps memory. There are many novel and innovative methodologies such as multi-store model, magic number 7 and etc are taught to the participants and they are helped to effectively use in their studies.

Preparedness for Marriage :

Relevance of the Training :
The training on Preparedness for Marriage is the need of the hour to help couples to have a happy married life and avoid stromy situations. Thus the training includes Preparedness in terms of Physical, Psychological, Sexual, Financial, Familal and social aspects of married life. And also concepts like love languages, triangular theory of love and 12 types of sex are included in the training.

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