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Refund And Cancellation Policy

Refund And Cancellation Policy

Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. In the event, if you are not able to attend the Workshop/Training/Counseling session/Course/Internship, we will refund the money, provided the reasons are genuine and proved after investigation. Please read following cancellation and refund policy before you pay for any services provided by Chennai Counseling Services/CCS Academy.

For online counseling, please make sure that you have Broadband/Fibernet/4G connection. If there is any problem from the client’s internet connection, no refund will be provided. If there is any internet connection problem from the counselor side, he will give you a slot in your convenient time sooner.

For courses/workshop/training, If you enroll in a programme for which you are not eligible and/or seats are not available for the batch you enrolled, refund will be only 90% of the full fee. So please check for availability of seats and eligibility before you pay. If you miss a session(s) or class(es) of a workshop/course/training/internship, it cannot be compensated later by coming in some other timing. No refund can be requested for the missed sessions. Please use your discretion before you enroll in a course/internship/training/workshop whether you can attend all the sessions. Certificate will not be provided if more than 70% sessions (excluding the exam date) are missed by the participant and if the candidate did not pass or appear for the evaluation such as Viva Voce and/or recording of counselling sessions (whichever is applicable for the course). In such a case, facilitator of the course/training has the right to withhold the certificate and no refund shall be considered. Please note that attendance for the 1st Day of the Training is compulsory.

If paid the fee in installments for a course/workshop/training, refund percentage will be calculated based on the full fee of the course. If the second/final installment of the fee is not paid on or before 5th of the forthcoming month, your seat shall be cancelled and no refund will be considered.

You cannot change the batch of the course. However you may transfer your seat to someone who is eligible for the course. Thereby you can get the full money paid from the person. In the event of organizers cancelling the whole event, 100% of the money paid will be refunded.

Our Policy for the cancellation and refund will be as follows :

Cancellation Policy

  1. For Cancellations please contact the us via contact us page.
  2. For workshops/seminars/trainings/internships/courses/counseling session, please see the below for refund

Request to cancel is given Before the commencement of the event to

Consider for refund Refund Percentage
15 days or more 90% of the full fee will be refunded
14 days to 10 days 80% of the full fee will be refunded
9 days to 5 days 60% of the full fee will be refunded
4 days – 2 days 50% of the full fee will be refunded
24 Hrs 25% of the full fee will be refunded
On the day of event/ after the commencement of the course/ internship/ counseling session No refund is possible. (As it is not possible to fill the seat/counseling slot)

Refund Policy

  1. If paid by Paytm Gateway, refunds will be issued to the original credit card provided at the time of purchase/bank account attached to the Debit Card/Netbaning/UPI and in case of paytm wallet, payments refund will be made to the same wallet.
  2. If paid in Cash/Direct Deposit or IMPS or NEFT or UPI to the owner’s Bank Account, refund will be given in Cash only for which the individual has to come in person.
  3. Refund will be initiated within 7 business days from the date of cancellation and will be completed within 7-14 business days from the date of initiation of refund. So it might take maximum of 21 days as there are procedures from Paytm and bank side. If you have not received refund even after 21 days, please contact us.