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Our Ethics

Our Ethics

1. Informed Consent

We regard counseling as always voluntary. Thus you have the freedom to choose whether to enter into or remain in a counseling relationship and ask for adequate information about the counseling process and the counsellor.We explicitly explain to clients the nature of all services provided such as the purposes, goals, techniques, procedures, potential risks and benefits of services.

2. Respect for Privacy / Confidentiality

We respect yourrights to privacy. We are not supposed to influence you with our personal values and judgments. We do not share confidential information without your consent or without sound legal/ethical justification. (i.e) We can reveal the information only under 2 conditions
(i)when the client is likely to harm himself / others.
(ii) when asked by the court (and not lawyers or any body else).
We ensure that records are kept in a secure location and that only authorized persons have access to records. When consulting with colleagues, we do not disclose confidential information that reasonably could lead to the identification

3. Developmental and Cultural Sensitivity

We communicate information in ways that are both developmentally and culturally appropriate. When you have difficulty understanding the language used by us, we provide necessary services to ensure comprehension by clients. We recognize that culture affects the manner in which your problems are defined. Your socio-economic and cultural experiences are considered when diagnosing mental disorders.

4. Counselor's Competence and Referral

When we feel that we are not able to help the clients and lack in competence, we will refer the clients to competent professionals.

5. No Dual Relationship

The relationship between us and you has to be a professional relationship alone. Any other personal relationship such as friend, relative and life partner is strictly prohibited.

6. Non-discrimination

We do not condone or engage in discrimination based on age, gender, culture, disability, ethnicity, caste, religion and sexual orientation.

7. Abandonment Prohibited

We do not abandon or neglect clients in counseling. We assist in making appropriate arrangements for the continuation of treatment when necessary.

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