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Marital Counseling

Marital Counseling

Marital Counseling (also known as Relationship Counseling and Couples Counseling/Therapy) is the process of making the relationship harmonious.

FAQ on Marital/Relationship Counseling

1. Why should we come for Marital Counselling? Can’t we correct it on our own?

When couples face many issues, generally they try to correct by talking within themselves. When there are many issues, talking may turn into arguments. When it does not work, they try to resolve by approaching the elders or common friends or well-wishers. Though talking to them may resolve some issues, there are many limitations. In the busy life, friends and family have their own problems and may not be listening very carefully and unintentionally end up giving advices that may actually prove more harmful than helpful. They may not be able to look at you objectively. They can be biased unconsciously because they have preconceived notions about you. There is a possibility that they can influence you with their personal values and judgments and make take sides.

So when these strategies do not work well, relationship is strained further. Thus it is better to meet a counsellor who would help both of you to improve your mental health and problem solving abilities.

When it is done, you will be able to talk within yourselves without turning it to be an argument and solve the issues. So that you don’t become dependent on external sources to solve the issues.

2. How long will it take for me to make my relationship harmonious? How many sessions will be required?

It depends on various factors. However it can be said that 2-3 sessions for each person will be required to make it harmonious completely without any relapses.

3. What will happen in those sessions?

Initially counselor will listen to you completely without any bias and empathize. Further he will assess your personality. Assessing your personality is done because what works for one person will not work for the other person. This is the unique approach of Chennai Counseling Services. Based on your personality, counselor will either work on your thoughts or feelings or behaviour.

There won’t be any joint sessions and counselor will not offer any advice to adjust or say which is right or wrong. Instead he will help you to examine your thoughts, feelings and behaviour in the relationship and correct it on your own. Counselor believes in empowering the clients to own the marriage/relationship and thereby resolve issues in the way that is realistic for them.

Further sessions are for follow-ups and ensure the maintenance of the new behaviour and no triggers can make you feel bad or get into deeper issues in the relationship.

4. How to fix the appointment?

Go to this link MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 4G /BROADBAND INTERNET CONNECTION. Click “Book Appointment Button”. You will have to take 2 continuous slots.

Book the first slot by giving the husband/wife(whoever wants to meet first) name and details and then book the second slot by giving the other person’s details.

Kindly pay the fee through netbanking/debit card/credit card. You will receive an SMS and email having all the details of the appointment. No further action to be done. Directly come to the clinic 5 minutes before the appointment time.

5. Do you offer online counseling? What is the procedure for it?

Yes, online counseling is offered. Go to this page and follow the instructions given.

6. Only one partner is willing to come for counselling. Is it compulsory for both partners to come for counseling?

No, it is fine. Even if one partner comes, it is still possible to work on the relationship. Please fix 1 appointment slot and come for counseling.

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